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Camdeboo Mohair Duvets

Product Information

Product highlights

  • Natural, sustainable and environmentally conscious product
  • Superior thermal balance
  • Fire resistant
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Light weight
  • Easy care

Product range

Camdeboo Leisure duvets are designed for a first class sleeping experience. These duvets are crafted with a percale cotton casing to offer a luxurious feel and deluxe finish.

Duvets are available in a range of options - all of which are thermally optimized and customized to offer unmatched comfort and well-being in diverse seasons. The duvets are offered in six series ranging from a sleek 150g/m² or 200g/m² weave that is cool, light and comfortable to a cosy and more substantial series ranging from a 300g/m² to 400g/m² weave with unequalled thermal performance. In addition to the single layer duvets the four seasons series offer a double layer of 150g/m² + 200g/m² or 200g/m² + 200g/m² for the ultimate choice in versatility.

In terms of thermal performance of the duvets the TOG ratings for respective series ranges from 4.5 for the 150g/m² series to 9.6 for the 400g/m² series. This compares favourably to similar natural products and is superior to synthetic products.

Series Weight (g/m2)



"Tog rating refers to the ability of the product to control the flow of heat through the layers in the product. The more resistance there is to the heat, the higher the tog rating. A winter duvet should have a tog rating that approaches a value of 9 and higher, although for some areas in South Africa with a warmer climate a rating from 6 should be sufficient. Duvets with a tog rating ranging from 3 to 4.5 a considered suitable for summer. Note that the tog rating does not necessarily relate directly to the thickness of the duvet. Different materials have different thermal resistance characteristics and different thicknesses will be required to achieve the same tog rating. In the case of Camdeboo Mohair the product’s thermal balancing properties means that a relatively lightweight duvet offers unmatched comfort across a range of climates and tog values.”

The current Camdeboo Leisure range comprises of the following products:


Mattress Tops


Baby Baby
Single Single Queen
Three Quarter Three Quarter King
Double Double Continental
Queen Queen Specialized Pillows
King King
Extra King Extra King


Mohair Duvets

Camdeboo Leisure presents the ultimate in sleeping luxury with a range of mohair duvets crafted from this rare natural animal fibre.

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About Us

The heartland of mohair production is the borderless and enigmatic Camdeboo region which has been the inspiration of the Camdeboo Leisure range.

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Product Range

This Cameboo Leisure duvet is the premium easy care natural fibre duvet for the future.

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